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Photography &film making

Helen is a Greek girl
who traveled a lot
to Africa and wants
to offer to local
African people.
She organize journeys
to Africa to
people that are
ready to awake...

The awakening journey! This journey is a process of going beyond your boundaries. A journey that hits western civilisation to wake up!

What I learn from this journey? 1. Happiness is a state that is completely independable from money. I have never seen such a big smiles in children, like in Kenya. 2. The way that a typically western man behaves, depletes the earth's natural resources. This means that a climate change is now closer than ever before and some parts of the earth are running out of water. This means that and this unique beauty and harmony is going to be disappeared. Have you ever feel thirsty? In Kenya has to rain 2 years now...

Creative photography
Kenyan Beautiful people
/ Inspiring with design

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