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Yacht digital marketing

You sell the experience… Not the boat... The average yacht booking company provides the boat, but the truth is that they sell the experience, not the boats. Make a dream for the booking, and describe them the whole experience. Be unique, Be different.

User Experience Design
Content Strategy
Visual design
Technical discovery and development
Quality assurance testing

The Challenge

Yacht digital marketing refers to all the activities that a Yacht owner do in the digital space to get people interested in its business. The end goal of all your efforts is to establish a solid online presence and generate yacht bookings. Travellers should be able to discover your hotel before they even know that it exists out there.

The Approach

The philosophy is that you don’t sell the boat but the experience. We are getting pictures and videos not only from your boat but the whole area trying to suggest things to your visitors in order to have an unforgettable staying. We don't focus to the boat but to where the boat can sail.

/ Inspiring with design

We help companies to upraise their bookings and remain highly relevant to their customers by developing cutting-edge digital products and executing smart and valuable communication.

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