E-shop development

Cosmart will offer you the perfect solution for your eshop.

Nowadays online sales are more famous. Last year, 1,6 trillion € turnover of e-commerce worldwide. Obtain a small share of this turnover by developing your eshop and address both Greek and global market. By developing your eshop your sales will be boosted given that best practices will be applied. Key details differentiate a successful eshop from an unsuccessful eshop. Key feature is the design of your eshop . Simple, clean lines and vivid colors create a sense of luxury.

Eshops design and development

Cosmart will offer you the perfect solution for your eshop.

Enter the international markets and spread your services worldwide. While greek economy suffers from shrinking, you can boost your sales by developing a modern eshop. Eshop requires minimum cost. Thus, you can be more competitive regarding the price of your products/services since your fixed costs will be reduced. International studies have showed that consumers research online before purchasing. In addition, printed press is not that famous anymore and printed content shows poor results. Develop your own online store and cooperate with us.

Mobile friendly

Google friendly

Our management system (SmartCms) consists of tools that help your website be Google friendly.

Fast check out

One major issue is that online orders should be completed in a fast and secure manner.

Made just for you

We do not rely on platforms. Your informational portal is made based on your rewuirements.


View your online sales in few clicks.

Cosmart does NOT rely on platforms and standards.
Smart CMS was developed by Cosmart just for you aiming at offering you a wonderful & safe navigation experience.

1/3 of our customers turn to us due to the fact that they were piracy victims in their previous website.

2/3 of our customers turn to us because of their bad experience in a Wordpress or Joomla website.

3/3 of our customers turn to us because their previous website developer could not follow the modern trends and features.


Our 17 years of experience, passion and enthusiasm resulted in the development of our Framework, SmartCms. We don't rely on standards, our code is a standard!
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Our designs will amaze you. Simple lines, pure code and wonderful pictures adjusted to any device.
A website seen only by you has no value. In Cosmart, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taken under consideration more than the website itself. Keywords are carefully selected.
Cosmart makes use of new technologies and owns dedicated servers. Thus, our customers enjoy high speed and secure browsing.