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    website design development

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    responsive website design

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    responsive website development

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  • responsive website design

    Magically responsive

    responsive website design

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    first page of google seo

    Konstantinos Vrellis

    Natural History Museum

    Ευτυχής όντας, μιας
    που ότι ζήτησα υλοποιήθηκε
    καλύτερα απ' ότι ανέμενα.

    SEO optimization for google

    Dr. Zafer Bek.

    Future Academy UK

    We have been fully satisfied
    with the services of this
    friendly & professional team.

    SEO optimization for google

    J. Efstratiou

    Land Rover

    Προσωπικά, με ενθουσιάζει
    η εμμονή στις λεπτομέρειες
    που είναι το πιο σημαντικό
    κομμάτι ενός
    επιτυχημένου έργου.

Web design-development, seo optimization, product photoshooting, eshop development

Web Design

We develop company websites, eshops, informational portals, data bases.


We bring up your website in the first places of all search engines.


The most effective campaigns are organized in google ad words and display.


Lovely product photoshooting

We developed a modern system that will boost your sales.


Website hosting in reliable and fast servers

Prestigious customers


"Άνθρωποι που θα σας καταπλήξουν με τις καλλιτεχνικές τους δημιουργίες."

Coca Cola

"Υψηλού επιπέδου κώδικας SQL και συνεχόμενο υποστηρικτικό δίκτυο."

colgate - palmolive

"Πολύ καλοί γνώστες της επιστήμης της πληροφορικής, πολύ καλοί χρόνοι παράδοσης."

Tsakiris Mallas

"Εμπνευσμένη ομάδα με άποψη υψηλών προδιαγραφών, πάντα μέσα στις τάσεις της μόδας."


"Οι ικανότητες τους ξεφεύγουν από τις τυπικές εταιρίες του χώρου. "Παντρεύουν" με έναν μοναδικό τρόπο την καλλιτεχνία με την τεχνολογία."

Ηλιασ Μπαρμπαλιας

"Το εντυπωσιακό είναι ότι "είναι όλα σε ένα". Δεν χρειάζεται να συνεργαστείς με κανέναν άλλον για την διαδικτυακή άρτια παρουσία."

Media Strom

"Ξεχωρίζουν για την επαγγελματική εξυπηρέτηση - με φιλικούς όμως όρους, μα πιο πολύ, για το χαμόγελο και την ευγένεια των ανθρώπων της."

Μουσειο βρελλη

"Ευτυχής όντας, μιας που ότι ζήτησα υλοποιήθηκε καλύτερα απ' ότι ανέμενα. Σήμερα, 10 χρόνια μετά, χαίρομαι για τη φιλία που δημιουργήσαμε στο μεσοδιάστημα."


Our 17 years of experience, passion and enthusiasm resulted in the development of our Framework, SmartCms. We don't rely on standards, our code is a standard.
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Our designs will amaze you. Simple lines, pure code and wonderful pictures adjusted to any device.
A website seen only by you has no value. In Cosmart, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taken under consideration more than the website itself. Keywords are carefully selected.
Cosmart makes use of new technologies and owns dedicated servers. Thus, our customers enjoy high speed and secure browsing.
website design

Regardless the money you want to invest,
our proposal will best fit to your requirements

providing quality of service, continuous support, great cooperation.

Let's start up together

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Key features of Cosmart's websites

develop website

Pure lines - Modern designs

Plain & simple lines make your website seem luxury. Large and distinct menu that are "sticked" on top of the page make your navigation easier. Large surfaces are filled with high-resolution images to fill any screen regardless of its size. Video & Multimedia cooperate perfectly with each other to better describe your services or products. Pictures and 3D designs created just for you.

New headers & footers, large clickable banners to better promote your products and services. Responsive & retina for an excellent navigation experience in smartphone devices such as, apple ipad and Samsung. Use of jsp & html5 for better performance. Ability to import video or live streaming from Utube - Vimeo.

responsive websites developemt

Improved for all types of devices, regardless their size

Responsive code that adjusts your website regardless the device you visit the website. This implies that your website is self-adjusted to any device is displayed. In a large iMac, all website data are beautifully spread out on the screen. Moreover, if your website is displayed on a mobile device, mobile phone or tablet, it appears as an application. Larger fonts, bigger icons, navigation on the right and left.

Nowadays, mobile devices exceed 50% of the websites visits.Google adopted a new way of indexing, where mobile comes first, in order to make search results more useful for mobile device users. Your website will be on the top places of search engines facilitating navigation in your website on mobile devices.

website tecnical support

Support to all our customers

In Cosmart, it is believed that feeling safe is important. Thus, we developed a system that supports customers' requests. For special/crucial cases, we provide 24/7 support.

Daily backup for preventing potential mistakes.

website seo optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In Cosmart, optimizing your website for the search engines is more important than the site itself. A website visited only by you and your developer has no value.

The term search engines optimization describes all the necessary procedures that have to take place in order to create a search engines friendly website.

  • Great support

    The qualified staff will assist in any problems you encounter.

  • Innovation

    Cosmart is on the technology frontier for programming languages and multimedia creating magnificent websites.

  • Know-how

    Regardless the complexity of the website you imagine, we can make it. Trust Cosmart.



Increased overall
customer turnover

Published Projects


New projects from our old customers' recommendations

Cosmart does NOT rely on platforms and standards.
Smart CMS was developed by Cosmart just for you
aiming at offering you a wonderful & safe
navigation experience.

Get to know us

COSMART is one of the fastest growing companies regarding specialized technological applications, Internet and Databases.

Providing advanced services:

  • Company websites development
  • Eshops development
  • Informational Portals & magazines
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advertising Campaigns in Google adwords & display
  • Photoshooting & video recording of products & services
  • Hosting of applications and data bases

Our main objective is to combine the experience and the know how of our employees of both Internet domains and databases, and other specialized technological applications resulting in meeting our customers needs.

Loyal to our customer needs, we research, design, propose and develop whatever our customers request.

Our customers