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Cloud Email Services

Only when someone loses all his emails, he understands how important it was to his business.

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Emails are stored in the cloud
This means that you will never lose your emails that are so important to your business. Whether your computer breaks, your device is stolen or you lose it, your emails will be safely stored in the Cloud and you can access them easily and securely from any computer. 50GB capacity
It is only when someone falls victim to a malicious online scam that they realize how important online security is. Benefit from the same secure infrastructure used by Google or Microsoft. Your data, devices and users are protected. All your files are automatically backed up to the Cloud.
Access from all devices everywhere
You don't need to be at your office computer to access your mail. You send an email from your mobile phone, you find it on your computer. You send an email from the computer, it is on the tablet, and so on. Access everything from everywhere.
No spam, No phishing
With the Cloud service, there is an end to annoying spam and misleading messages. A complex system chooses strictly your mail and allows only really important messages to reach your mailbox.

20 years of experience, passion and enthusiasm turned into coding. Fast and reliable servers that offer you safety in your navigation experience.