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Limitless Furniture


This project was created for Limitless furniture company in accordance to design criteria of the parent multinational. Plain, white modern lines that perfectly operate to all types of devices. Our photographers did a great work in illustrating each furniture separately.

Coca cola


By undertaking this project, we knew that it would be quite difficult to carry it out due to the huge company data. It is an sql project that has been successfully installed on a server within the company. We are currenlty discussing about upgrading the project to cloud solutions.



Our cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Abbvie resulted in the development of many websites. It is worth noting that a photographic work will be published in 2017 regarding the club of people suffering from rheumatic diseases, aiming to highlight the greatness of the power of these people.



It seemed an easy project, but our mission was great. We had to drag the website from obscurity to the first places of the search engines. Objective achieved! Feeling proud we led a team from the 'amateur' championship to the Champions league.

Colgate - Palmolive


Colgate - Palmolive requested an on-line poll form available only to employees of the company. All forms and functions was made as requested and the system was installed in our proprietary servers in PostgreSQL.

future academy


A labyrinthine system for a British system that organizes scientific conferences in the field of psychology. It consists of a huge database, a great newsletter system and a modern electronic payment system.

Area 60 Furniture


This project was developed for the furniture company Area 60. We were requested to develop a highly sophisticated and elegant website that will highlight the quality and comfort of each furniture. We pay a lot of attention to advertising campaigns in Google Adwords & Display in a monthly basis.



EPSA requested the improvement of the company identity concerning the advertising image by taking pictrures of its products. To meet those needs, we took pictures of EPSA products in Santorini, Koufonisia and in many other places across Greece.

Elias Barbalias


Ίσως ο πιο σημαντικός αρχιτέκτονας που λάτρεψε την Αθήνα και της έδωσε μια άλλη αρχιτεκτονική πνοή. Μας ζητήθηκε μέσα από την απλότητα να δώσουμε την αίσθηση της πολυτέλειας. Επίσης μια σημαντική δυσκολία του έργου αυτού είναι να φωτογραφηθούν σωστά όλα τα κτίρια και να εκτεθούν με ένα μοναδικό τρόπο.

Media strom


We feel good when searching our records to find out the starting point and the evolution over the last 16 years. When we undertook Media Strom project we were just a small factory in Renti and we were feeling anxious about many services and projects implemented over the time.



Undoubtedly the photographic material of a website plays an important role in the appearence of the website. Tsakiris Mallas company requested an upgrade to the eshop, containing a large number of shoes, and to all artistic photographs of models wearing shoes of Tsakiris Mallas company.



Our favorite project. An easy project with the difficulty of creating a unique website, as unique as Paul Vrellis who devoted his life in art. Our country enjoys his vast heritage.



The Greek furniture company DE CODE requested a modern eshop that website visitors will be able to construct themselves a furniture from a variety of colors and woods and make a secure order.



A long-lasting cooperation that led in upgrading the eshop of Linenshop company. Our objective was the development of an elegant, fast and responsive website that visitors will easily make orders. Advertising adwords campaigns have boosted company's sales.



CHROMOLIA website was created by the love and passion of our captain, Kosmas George. It is a timeline consisted of life moments that has been awarded several times for the quality and inspiration of the artist.

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